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Sale TROIPEEL H+Cushion (Healing Cushion)

TROIPEEL H+Cushion (Healing Cushion)

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Revolutionary professional cushion with 99% skincare and 1% makeup. H+ Cushion was developed by skin professionals who have more than 25 years of skincare know-how. When TROIPEEL started to develop Healing Cushion they decided to provide their customers the BEST cushion in the market. Just as they've previously changed the aesthetic market with their Healing Cream.

H+ Cushion provides all day long protection against external anti-aging factors. It forms thin moisture layer on skin surface and protects TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss), promoting long lasting moisturized skin. Its skin regenerating formulation gives the best skin treatment during the whole day.

The main focus in Healing cushion is:

  • Skin regeneration through the whole day
  • Skin healing
  • Skin protection from harmful environment
  • Beautiful Skin
  • TROIPEEL believes that makeup is not all about coverage, and the secret of perfect coverage is your skin breathing. H+ Cushion formation helps skin to have light-weight make-up, without causing skin suffocation and dullness during the day. It controls excessive sebum and excellent reliever for sensitive skin. Skin looks clear and fresh all day.

    TROIPEEL H+Cushion (Healing Cushion) comes in one shade which would suit all but very dark skin. It's slightly whitening.


    Apply product to your skin with the supplied sponge, then spread evenly to achieve uniform coverage for your entire face.


    13 g

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