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Sale Take Out Spa My Juicy Gel

Take Out Spa My Juicy Gel

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Soothing gel
Take Out Spa

It's like a rejuvenating serving of cold-processed juice, for your skin. What's good for inside the body is just as beneficial for the outside, and Take Out Spa wants deliver this superior nourishment and hydration to your delicate skin with their line of rich Juicy Gels, each bursting with real, fresh, fruit juice! Packed with fruit extracts and Pearl the fast-absorbing formula provides instant hydration and revitalization, without any hint of stickiness or tackiness, to leave skin comfortably moisturized and refreshed. 


Apply evenly on cleansed, dry skin and gently massage until gel is fully absorbed. Pat gently for better absorption. 


250 ml

$10 - $50Soothing gelTake Out Spa

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