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Sale Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask

Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask

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Eye cream

Eye sleeping mask that provides de-puffing eye care by ceramic ball massage to reveal a bright, moisturized and revitalized eye area the next morning.

*LANEIGE Sleep-Circular™ reduces the puffiness of the eyes overnight. Caffeine, vitamin P (hesperidin) and oligosaccharides create synergy with the ceramic ball through a massage action that helps to reduce any swelling around the eyes.

*LANEIGE Eye Moisture Wrap is a moisturizing technology to keep the sensitive dry skin around the eyes moisturized overnight – like wrapping the skin in a layer of moisture. It helps the skin absorb Hydro Ion Mineral Water and Sleep-Circular™ during sleep, so it looks bright and healthy in the morning.

*LANEIGE Eye Sleeping Mask Ceramic Ball has a built-in cap for an easy and quick eye massage before/after sleep. Experience the cooling effect of a ceramic massage ball!

*Natural flavors are extracted from natural resources and it occurs color variation from its origin and harvesting time. Colors may be different, however, flavor and function are same.


Use at the eye cream step of your basic skincare routine at night, 2–3 times a week. It is an overnight leave-on product. 


25 ml

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