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Sale It's Skin Power 10 Formula Special Sesame Edition

It's Skin Power 10 Formula Special Sesame Edition

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Face serum
It's Skin

YE (Red) - Vitality. Vitalizing skin with yeat polypeptide. Known to be bestseller out of all popular Power 10 series. This particular YE Effector withholds skin reviving properties to improve texture and restore clarity. Stay young and fresh with the help of these anti-aging properties that rapidly hydrate and leave your skin silky and smooth. Revives, improves skin texture, nourishes and holds age defying properties.

GF (Blue) - Moisturizing and Smoothing. This Power 10 Formula GF Effector contains GF-Biopolymer that has superior moisturizing effects and skin relief agents. It works to help relieve dry and sensitive skin, keeping it hydrated. It also contains licorice extract that has a brightening effect and evens out any skin redness caused by UV rays or skin troubles.

VC (Yellow) - Brightening. Naturally rich Vitamin C derivatives and green tea extract suppress melanin formation to reduce appearance of dark spots - even freckles and pesky acne scars. Refine your skin texture and create visibly brighter and a more even complexion in just a matter of days for a nourished, healthy, and radiant complexion.


After cleansing and toning, apply moderate amount of product onto your face softly by lightly patting.


60 ml

$30-50Face serumIt's SkinSesame street collectionxmas

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