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Sale Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask

Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask

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Sheet mask

The ultrathin face mask is made from 100% natural soft cotton. Thanks to the special production technology, the mask is extraordinarily thin and almost transparent. This ensures a high density of adherence to the skin and effective penetration of serum into the deep layers of the skin. The series is represented by 6 types of sheet masks:

Madecassoside - softens, moisturizes, soothes irritated, dehydrated and dry skin.

Collagen - moisturizes, strengthens, tightens, smoothes wrinkles.

Catechin - significantly improves the complexion and smooths the skin tone, making it healthy and transparent, and effectively fights wrinkles and flabbiness of the skin, making it elastic.

BHA - exfoliates dead cells, brightens, heals acne, removes extra oil.

Vita C - gently brightens, significantly improves the complexion and smooths the skin tone, erasing fatigue, gray and dull complexion and making the skin bright, clear and healthy.

Peptide - has a rejuvenating effect.


Apply the mask to the face after cleansing and toning, and leave for 10 - 20 minutes.


20 ml

* Please note that a minimum order rule applies if you purchase sheet masks only. The minimum quantity is 10 masks of any kind and brand. If you purchase a sheet mask and another product, there will be no minimum order rule.

InnisfreeSheet maskUnder $15

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