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Sale Holika Holika Before Mask Sheet

Holika Holika Before Mask Sheet

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Sheet mask
Holika Holika

New original facial masks series. This kind of sheep mask will become indispensable in your makeup routine and will only take a short time to bring your skin in perfect order prior to something special, be it a date or a job interview! Every mask is unique in its own way and specific to a particular situation in your life:

Before Mask Sheet – Before Deep Sleep – this mask will prepare you for a deep and sound sleep. It contains extracts of jasmine, sakura and milk which help relax your skin and facial muscles. Lavender oil is beneficial for your nervous system, it relaxes and pacifies you after a hard day. This mask is ideal if you suffer insomnia.

Before Mask Sheet – Before Office Attendance – ‘I have to rush to work in 10 minutes but I’m not ready!’ - every young lady is familiar with this situation. This mask will save you. It contains extracts of coffee, watermelon, pumpkin and corn which help your skin to wake up, lift the morning swelling and make you look alert and cheerful.

Before Mask Sheet - Before Interview – this mask will help you make a lasting impression on your future boss! Extracts of lemon, green tea, pomegranate and spinach tone up your facial skin and charge you for a long time.

Before Mask Sheet - Before Date – you want to look 100% awesome for your first date and this mask will get you there. It contains extracts of apple, peach, grapefruit and apricot which moisturize, smooth and dead natural glow to your facial skin which is now ready for ideal make-up.


To be used only on washed skin. Open the package and spread the sheet onto your entire face. Leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes. Than peel off the sheet and gently massage the remains of the mask into your facial skin.


16 ml

* Please note that a minimum order rule applies if you purchase sheet masks only. The minimum quantity is 10 masks of any kind and brand. If you purchase a sheet mask and another product, there will be no minimum order rule.

Holika HolikaSheet maskSold OutUnder $15

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