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Sale Holika Holika After Mask Sheet

Holika Holika After Mask Sheet

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Sheet mask
Holika Holika

New original facial masks series. Effective sheet mask will become indispensable for you and bring your skin in order pretty quickly following any special occasion, be it difficult studies or hard partying! Each mask is unique in its action and designed for a particular situation:

After Mask Sheet - After Sports – after a vigorous gym session your metabolism speed up and your face is full of colour due to increased blood circulation. The unwanted reddening and excitement will be reduced by Aloe Vera extract as well as the potato and sugar cane extract while the honey extract will moisturize your facial skin making it soft and smooth.

After Mask Sheet - After Drinking – for use after you get totally wasted, helps your dehydrated skin get rid of toxins and quickly come back to shape with extracts of green tea, Beijing cabbage and rosehip.

After Mask Sheet - After Taking a Trip – after a tiring journey you lose lots of energy. Your facial skin needs extracts of tomato, kiwifruit, apricot and coconut which will bring life back to it so that your facial skin look radiant, rested and alive again.

After Mask Sheet - After Hard Study – having paid much attention to your studies your skin becomes dull and dehydrated this mask will bring back smooth glow and softness helps by the extracts of marigold, witch hazel, green tea and tea tree.

After Mask Sheet - After Night Overtime – this mask is designed for use after a hard day at work, the extracts of Malpighia glabra, bilberry, chamomile and mint bring energy back to your skin so it looks fresh and rested instead of dull.

After Mask Sheet - After Sauna – after the steam or dry hot bath treatment your pores are wide open, so they need to be tightened with extracts from cucumber, chestnut, lime and Egyptian mint.


Apply only onto washed face. Open the packaging and spread mask sheet over your entire face, leave on for 15-20 minutes. Then peel off the sheet and spread the remains of the mask onto your skin with gentle massaging movements.


18 ml

* Please note that a minimum order rule applies if you purchase sheet masks only. The minimum quantity is 10 masks of any kind and brand. If you purchase a sheet mask and another product, there will be no minimum order rule.

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