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Sale Daiso Silicone Sheet Mask

Daiso Silicone Sheet Mask

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Sheet mask

Amazing sheet mask protector!

When water evaporates from the top of the sheet mask, it carries all the other ingredients with it. This means that as your mask evaporates, unless it stays absolutely soaked in essence, all the good ingredients will end up clustered on the side furthest away from your skin. The sheet mask slows down evaporation so the ingredients don’t migrate away.

Silicone sheet mask stops your regular sheet mask from falling off and sliding around. This means you can walk around and even look down while wearing a sheet mask.

You can also use this Silicone mask with non-sheet masks. It will keep them from drying out, which will slow the penetration of ingredients.

It can also be used in a shower, stopping your mask from being washed off by condensation and water. This mask holder lets you mask while you clean your hair and body, and you can wash off the mask at the end.


Put your regular sheet mask on your face. Then, place the silicone mask over the sheet mask, lining up the eye-holes first and then the hole for the mouth. Pull the ear loops over the ears. Leave on for about 10-15 min. 


30 g


DaisoSheet maskUnder $15

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