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Sale Anskin Modeling Mask - Cool Ice

Anskin Modeling Mask

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Face mask

Modeling mask (also called Alginate mask) is a professional skin care product. It moisturizes your skin and provides visible lifting effect by removing tension in facial muscles and smoothing lines and wrinkles. Results are noticeable instantly.

These treatments are available in a couple of beauty places in NZ and they cost over $100-150, while they are in fact VERY easy and ABSOLUTELY SAFE to perform at home.

Alginate masks are recommended to use 1-2 times a week. We suggest a 10 day course (one mask every day) for everyone trying modeling masks for the first time. You can continue using them 1-2 times a week after that. You have an option of concentrating on one type of mask or combining different masks. The main ingredient is the same in all of them.

All modeling masks contain seaweed, and provide three major effects: soothing, lifting and moisturizing. In addition to algae seaweed, other beneficial active components are added to target various skin problems.

Alginate Mask Types

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How Anskin Modeling Mask and Eleven Huesday Ultradeep Fluid Selection Ampoules work together:


700 ml or 240 g (one package will last you for approximately 7-10 applications)

$15-30AnskinBest SellerFace maskxmas

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