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These are 3W CLINIC Fresh Mask Sheet Types:
  • Fresh Apple Mask Sheet - Contains apple extracts to make skin soft and moist;
  • Fresh Coenzyme Q10 Mask Sheet - Contains Coenzyme Q10 to leave skin looking smooth and vibrant;
  • Fresh Cucumber Mask Sheet - Contains cucumber extracts with excellent hydrating effects that will leave dry and tired skin looking smooth and moisturized;
  • Fresh Green Tea Mask Sheet - Contains green tea extracts to improve tired looking skin, leaving it smooth and hydrated;
  • Fresh Lemon Mask Sheet - Contains lemon extracts that not only have cleaning and astringent effects, but also soothes tired looking skin, leaving it smooth and clean;
  • Fresh Milk Mask Sheet - Contains milk protein extract to make the skin soft and comfortable by restoring elasticity and giving affinity to the skin;
  • Fresh Placenta Mask Sheet - Contains placenta extracts to protect and soothe skin;
  • Fresh Pomegranate Mask Sheet - Contains pomegranate extracts that has excellent cleaning and astringent effects while leaving the skin looking moisturized and clean;
  • Fresh Red Ginseng Mask Sheet - Contains red ginseng extracts to improve skin that has lost its elasticity, leaving it smooth and vibrant;
  • Fresh Royal Jelly Mask Sheet - Contains highly moisturizing royal jelly extracts to improve dry and tired skin, leaving it smooth and vibrant;
  • Fresh Snail Mask Sheet - Contains snail mucus extract for moisturized and radiant looking skin and help it regain its elasticity;
  • Fresh Syn-Ake Mask Sheet - Contains Syn-ake to make skin clear and healthy while improving signs of aging / wrinkles;
  • Fresh White Mask Sheet - Its excellent cleaning and astringent effects will leave your skin looking clear and transparent