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Founded in Korea in 1962, The Face Shop has revolutionised the world of cosmetics by bringing nature to the service of beauty. The Face Shop serves customers all over the world, with a global presence of more than thousand stores in 22 countries.

The Face Shop beauty destination offers a wide range of affordable high quality products. No matter what’s your skin type you will find exactly what you need. The Face Shop blends science and nature to meet all your beauty needs and enhance every woman’s natural beauty.

You can find the best product for each step of your beauty ritual: masks, skin care, makeup and body care. Shopping The Face Shop at Korean Kiwi Beauty cosmetics store is a key to your perfectly clean, beautiful and healthy skin.

The Face Shop Disney Princess Face Mask
1 review
Little Mermaid Hydrating Face Mask - Hydrating face mask, containing marine collagen that keeps your skin moisturized. Thin, transparent, highly adhesive sheet with a soft texture. Paraben-free formula is more gentle on your skin. Snow White Brightening Face Mask - Brightening face mask, containing pearl powder that gives your skin...
The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Mask
0 reviews
Green tea - soothes skin irritated by environmental stressors, refreshing and revitalizing it. Peony - drenched in serum containing Peony Root extract that helps dry, dull skin achieve a glowing radiance, and refreshes and revitalizes your complexion. Lily - drenched in serum containing Lily Flower extract that helps brighten dull...
The Face Shop Baby Face Pack
2 reviews
Baby Face Nutritive Modeling Mask (Peel Off Type) Effective modeling mask, ready to apply smoothly. After cleansing, use toner to clean the skin. Take appropriate amount and apply it to your face. After 20 minutes, if the pack is dry, remove it. Baby Face Smoothing Peel Off Mask Peel off...
The Face Shop Trendy Nails (Disney Princess Edition)
0 reviews
Charming design and convenient brush. HOW TO USE Apply adequate amount of product on your nail with brush. VOLUME 7 ml
The Face Shop Protect Me! Hand Cream
1 review
Nourishing creams for your hands in lovely packing from The Face Shop. These hand creams moisturize and soften hand skin preventing unwanted peeling, flaking and pigmentation: Lesser Panda – with avocado, restores your natural skin elasticity making your hands soft and tender. Fennec Fox – softening cream with mango extract,...
The Face Shop Disney Moisturizing Face Mask
1 review
Mickey Never Aging Moisturizing Face Mask - make your skin more supple and baby-soft with moisturizing effect of this collagen-containing essence. Thin, transparent, highly adhesive sheet with a soft texture. Paraben-free formula is more gentle on your skin.  Mike Monstrous Moisturizing Face Mask - get even more moisturized skin with...
The Face Shop Moisture Touch Lipstick (Disney Princess Edition)
0 reviews
Soft surprise hidden inside matte lips. Matte, vivid colors with a creamy texture. HOW TO USE Draw a line along the lip line and fill the lip with color. VOLUME 3.5 g
The Face Shop Rapunzel Hair Mask Pack
0 reviews
The Face Shop Rapunzel Hair Mask Pack
0 reviews
Experience the magic power with just one use! Hair mask pack that nourishes hair to a magical healthy shine. Creates the effect of salon-quality deep nourishment and helps improve shine and elasticity. Cap-type disposable hair mask pack that's easy to use HOW TO USE After shampooing, lightly towel-dry your hair....
The Face Shop Simpsons Face Mask
0 reviews
Homer - Serum infused with olive extract provides moisture to dry skin. Marge - Serum infused with pomegranate extract brightens your skin. Lisa - Serum infused with hyaluronic acid hydrates and revitalizes your skin. HOW TO USE Wash face and apply toner. Pull out mask and carefully place on your...

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