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Petitfee KOELF Hydro Gel Eye Patch
Anti-ageing eye patches to smooth small wrinkles and regenerate your skin cells. These patches enhance blood circulation at the cellular level, bringing better color to your skin and enriching it with nourishing substances. They contain epidermal growth factor EGF, which helps regenerate skin and protects it from the harmful environment....
Petitfee Collagen & Q10 Hydro Gell Essence Eye & Spot Patch
Hydrogel eye patches tighten your skin and restore its natural elasticity. Works wonders against swelling, makes your skin smooth effectively reducing both the depth and the number of wrinkles. This product contains collagen which helps to moisturize your skin and smooth it, as well as multiple natural plant extracts, getting...
Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Eye Patch
Highly efficient hydro-gel eye patches for instant effect. Great for moisturizing dry skin, those patches prevent wrinkles and smooth delicate skin around eyes. Those patches tightly fit onto your skin for maximum absorption of beneficial ingredients, such as: Rose, lavender and rosemary extracts to sooth skin around your eyes and...

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