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It's Skin Facial Solution Mist
2 reviews
Powder - refreshing and softening effect for oily skin type. Water - hydrating and fresh effect for all skin types. Oil - highly moisturizing and radiance effect for dry skin type. HOW TO USE  Spray adequate amount of product onto your face from distance of about 20 cm. VOLUME  115...
The SAEM Mojito Water Mist
0 reviews
Natural cooling 'erythrito' absorbs heat for fresh moisture supply. Phyto cooling complex provides cooling protection effect. French premium carbon water 'Hydroxydase' gives skin moisture and soothing effect. Ascorbic acid and vitamin C rich Caribbean 'lime water' promotes skin vitality to sooth tired skin with fresh moisture. HOW TO USE With...
Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist
0 reviews
92% of aloe moisture mist supplies moisture anytime and anywhere. Fine spraying air mist to soothe irritated skin. Soft absorption for silky firm skin care. HOW TO USE  Spray on the entire dry face 20 cm away. Can be used both before and after make-up. VOLUME 150 ml

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