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The Face Shop Disney Princess Face Mask
Little Mermaid Hydrating Face Mask - Hydrating face mask, containing marine collagen that keeps your skin moisturized. Thin, transparent, highly adhesive sheet with a soft texture. Paraben-free formula is more gentle on your skin. Snow White Brightening Face Mask - Brightening face mask, containing pearl powder that gives your skin...
It's Skin Macaron Lip Balm Special Sesame Edition
Moisture and nourishment for dry lips. Main Ingredients: Vitamin E, A and C, Shea butter and Cacao seed butter. They smells delicious! 01 Strawberry X Abby, Sour Sweet Pretty 02 Green Apple X Oscar, Fresh Sour Refreshing 03 Grape X Elmo, Sweet Gentle Soft 04 Pineapple X Big Bird, Fresh...
It's Skin Macaron Sugar Powder Pact Special Sesame Edition
French macarons and Sesame street inspired powder to give your skin soft texture and cover blemishes naturally. Melts like macaron with soft powder particles for soft glowing look. Natural coverage and bright skin for ideal makeup finish. We recommend #21 for pale to white skin tones and #23 for white...
The Face Shop Moisture Touch Lipstick (Disney Princess Edition)
Soft surprise hidden inside matte lips. Matte, vivid colors with a creamy texture. HOW TO USE Draw a line along the lip line and fill the lip with color. VOLUME 3.5 g
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The Face Shop Mono Pop Holiday (Disney Princess Edition)
Ultra-wear neutral but vivid color eye shadow for daily use in Disney character collaboration limited palette. Mix and match these everyday shades that work for any skin tone. HOW TO USE Use eye shadow brush or fingertip to smooth eye shadow over lids. VOLUME 9 g
The Face Shop Pastel Cushion Blusher (Trolls Edition)
Pastel cushion blusher covering cheeks to make your skin look soft. This product has a floral pleasant scent. HOW TO USE Pat for fresh and lovely cheek wrap with pastel cushion blusher. VOLUME 5 g
The Face Shop Disney Moisturizing Face Mask
Mickey Never Aging Moisturizing Face Mask - make your skin more supple and baby-soft with moisturizing effect of this collagen-containing essence. Thin, transparent, highly adhesive sheet with a soft texture. Paraben-free formula is more gentle on your skin.  Mike Monstrous Moisturizing Face Mask - get even more moisturized skin with...
The Face Shop Disney Hand Cream
Limited Edition Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie hand creams with fresh lime and floral scents. The cream has gel texture for skin soothing, moisturizing and cooling. HOW TO USE Apply appropriate amount on your skin and massage gently. VOLUME 30 ml
The Face Shop Concealer Dual Veil (Trolls Edition)
'Liquid Concealer + Cover Stick' dual configuration. Hawaiian clay rich in minerals clings to the skin to enhance the makeup durability. Cover Stick: freckles, dots, acne, etc. Liquid Concealer: dark circles under the eyes, apple zone, etc. HOW TO USE Cover Stick - Use when you want to cover a...
The Face Shop Tint Glass (Disney Princess Edition)
High-gloss, high-moisture tint containing brilliant color tone and a shine that is brighter than lip gloss. HOW TO USE Draw a line along the lip line and fill the lip with color. VOLUME 5 g
The Face Shop Ink Draw Dual Eyes (Trolls Edition)
Dual type eye make-up product: slim stick shadow + glitter top coat. A new concept of Dual Eyes that completes a variety of eye makeup. HOW TO USE When used together - 1. Draw the eye line using the slim stick shadows. 2.Put the 'glitter top coat' around your eyes....
The Face Shop Ink Draw Dual Lip (Trolls Edition)
Dual type lip make-up product. It has two formulations of "Slim Lipstick + Mousse Tint". Use slim lipstick for sophisticated expression and use mousse tint when you want vivid color. And, you can use both formulations together. Vivid color lasting and lip conditioning effect with pink flower complex (blossom extract,...

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