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Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet
Like a salon treatment in your own home, feel fresh with Kocostar's Sliced Masks! Refreshing scented mask pieces that can be applied anywhere on your face, neck and arms - anywhere you need the most treatment. These thin slices are not only fun, but they adhere onto your skin to...
Kocostar Flower Mask Sheet
Rose: Like laying down in a bed of roses, lay back and relax with the Kocostar Rose Petal Mask! Calming rose petal sheet masks are shaped and cut into individual rose petal shapes and can be applied anywhere on your face, neck and arms. Rose extracts infused in each petal...
Kocostar Color Hand Moisture Pack
The most beautiful Hand Moisture Pack ever. Cute pattern & bright color with beautiful transparent packaging. Moisturizing and soothing treatment that helps replenish dehydrated hands in 20 minutes. Quickly improves skin hydration and protects against dehydrated hands. HOW TO USE Wear hand pack gloves on clean dry hands and tight...

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