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Etude House Missing U Hand Cream
Charming hand cream. Different versions are designed in the shape of different wee animals: seal, penguin, panda and dolphin. Each version boast its own unique aroma: peach, green tea, rose and cotton. The cream contains Shea and olive oils which are wonderful for softening your hands and keeping the moisture...
The Face Shop Protect Me! Hand Cream
Nourishing creams for your hands in lovely packing from The Face Shop. These hand creams moisturize and soften hand skin preventing unwanted peeling, flaking and pigmentation: Lesser Panda – with avocado, restores your natural skin elasticity making your hands soft and tender. Fennec Fox – softening cream with mango extract,...
TonyMoly Panda's Dream White Hand Cream
Nourishing hand cream whitens your skin, and works well against unwanted pigmentation. Contains useful natural components, such as bamboo extract (skin regeneration); niacin amide (brightening), honey extract (nourishing), Shea butter (moisturizing and healing). This super nourishing cream will fill your hand skin with moisture. You will be pleasantly surprised with the...
Mediheal Theraffin Hand Mask
Compared to faces, hands are exposed to the air and ultraviolet everyday. It cause long-term accumulation of melanin. Furthermore, sweaty palms make nails fragile and skin dry out and causes hands wrinkles and aging. Theraffin Hand Mask with no Paraben, Benzophenon, Sulfate, Artificial dyes, Triclosan, is passed the USA FDA...
TonyMoly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk
Light hand cream with gentle milky texture. Moisturizes and nourishes your hand skin, restores its natural structure and prevents premature wrinkle development. Works very well protecting your hands against drastic changes in temperature, other environmental harmful elements as well as damaging chemicals used around the house. Banana extract is one...
TonyMoly Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream
Intense nourishing hand cream which will fill your entire day with a lovely smell of fresh peaches. The peach extract is rich in lycopene which is 100 times more efficient than vitamin E, while the apricot extract nourishes and moisturizes your sensitive and dry hand skin. This product also contains...
Skinfood Easy Dry Decal Nail Stickers
Easy and quick manicure stickers for your nails. Attractive, interesting, fast manicure - fast and easy! You can easily change design of your nails, just depending on the mood. HOW TO USE Apply base coat on your nails. Choose a sticker and remove it using tweezers (cut to the desired...
The SAEM Chocopie Hand Cream
Multi-functional brightening hand cream designed to resemble the lovely ChocoPie dessert. If you love sweet things you will enjoy this product. Of course, apart from the lovely looks this cream also boasts powerful function, securely protecting your hands from harmful environment, including UV, household chemistry and changes of temperature. This...
A'PIEU Clean Hand Cleansing Foam (Rilakkuma Edition)
Scented bubble foam cleanser for hands. HOW TO USE Apply appropriate amount and lather on hands, rinse with warm water. VOLUME 275 ml
Etude House Lovely Etti Nail Clippers
Adorable Etti Nail Clippers, great for trimming fingernails and toenails. HOW TO USE Soak your nails for a few minutes before you cut them. This softens nails up and makes them easier to trim. Cut your nails. Wait for a little bit until your nails are dry and no longer...
Innisfree Nail Paraffin Spa
Simple 3 step nail solution at home for deep nutrition. Vitamin E ingredients help strengthen your nails. Aloe gives deep moisture. Apricot seed oil makes your nails shine.  HOW TO USE Pour 80~90℃ water up til blue label, label will turn pink. Do not microwave. Once water becomes lukewarm and...
The Face Shop Disney Hand Cream
Limited Edition Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie hand creams with fresh lime and floral scents. The cream has gel texture for skin soothing, moisturizing and cooling. HOW TO USE Apply appropriate amount on your skin and massage gently. VOLUME 30 ml

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