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A'PIEU Milk One Pack
Real milk essence gives true hydration to skin while removing dead skin cells and suppling glow. Rich moisture milk extract prevents drying and gives moisture skin care. Moisture and nutrition hydrolyzed collagen prevents rough skin appearance.  White Milk - hydrating Strawberry Milk - brightening Chocolate Milk - smoothing Green Tea...
A'PIEU Perfect-fit Concealer Duo
Handy duo-colored product providing a lightweight and natural coverage, with flower and berry complexes to moisturize skin. The doe-foot applicator allows for easy application. NB01 - Skin concealer and glow finish (highlighter) LB01 - Skin concealer and skin brightener HOW TO USE Apply directly onto blemishes, dark circles or other...
A'PIEU Dark Circle Brightener
Cushion tip concealer for covering dark circle area. Soft cushion applicator is suitable for the most sensitive eye area. Long-lasting and Brightening. Moisturizing: containing Mango seed butter, Shea butter and Palm seed butter. Firming: Containing collagen and Salmon roe extracts. Peach - under-eye concealer with brightening effect Beige - neutral...
A'PIEU Pure Block Mild Sun Eye Stick
Eye cream + UV protection. Anti-wrinkle and Sunscreen. Containing Aloe vera, Watermelon and Collagen: Anti-aging, moisturizing and skin soothing. HOW TO USE Gently apply around eyes. VOLUME 4.5 g
A'PIEU Aqua Nature Blackhead Clearing Stick
Dissolves dead skin cells and other dirt in the pores. Fine particles of this scrub in a stick form eliminate blackheads and whiteheads, making your skin smooth. Peppermint and Apple extracts sooth skin and minimize pores. HOW TO USE Apply on the dry face (T-zone). Gently massage and wash it...
A'PIEU Silver Foil Pack
A'PIEU Silver Foil Pack
Liquid silver peel-off mask which removes dead skin and debris, leaving behind brighter and smoother, radiant skin. HOW TO USE After cleansing, apply to dry skin, avoiding eye and lip areas. After 20-30 minutes (when dry) gently peel off, face working upwards starting from the chin. Like all peeling masks,...
A'PIEU Heat-On Hot Pack
A'PIEU Heat-On Hot Pack
Warming wrap for lower abdomen, removing menstrual cramps. 50 degrees warmness lasts for 6 hours and provides long relaxation. HOW TO USE Open the package, remove protective film and attach heating patch to the lower abdomen. Could be used on top of underwear. VOLUME 1 pack * Please note that a...
A'PIEU Wasabiya Lip Plumper
Thin lips become tight and full with this pink lip plumper! Enhances your lips with moisture and glow! HOW TO USE Take an appropriate amount and apply smoothly. VOLUME 10 g
A'PIEU Clean Hand Cleansing Foam (Rilakkuma Edition)
Scented bubble foam cleanser for hands. HOW TO USE Apply appropriate amount and lather on hands, rinse with warm water. VOLUME 275 ml
A'PIEU Color Lock Hair Spray
This spray makes your hair look conditioned and super shiny while it locks in and extends the life of hair color. HOW TO USE Shake three or four times before use. Spray on the hair evenly and thoroughly absorb the hair with your hands. VOLUME 210 ml
A'PIEU Cushion Tok Concealer
Cushion tip concealer, covering all types of skin imperfections just as tapping. Perfect fitting as formulating a thin layer. Creamy texture which leaves a silky finish. Outstanding longevity with sebum control powder. We recommend #21 for pale to white skin tones, and #22 for white to tanned tones. HOW TO...
A'PIEU Gruyere Cheese Cream
A'PIEU Gruyere Cheese Cream was created from mature raw milk from healthy cows which play around at Alps. Considered the best cheese and with its full of protein and vitamin, it helps to smooth and moist your skin.  Other wonderful ingredients in this cream are: Cacao seed butter - forms...

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