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BLOG — sensitive skin

How stress affects the skin and can cosmetics help?

Elena Lezhneva 49 Comments
Have you ever heard about "skin immunity"? It's a complex system that maintains a certain balance of acidity, skin oiliness and microbiome - a community of good bacteria. For example, when your skin is threatened by infections or fungus, the body sends out lymphocytes, macrophages and other components of the immune system to eliminate the bad guys.
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Korean skincare for dry skin

Elena Lezhneva 50 Comments
One of the most beautiful skin types is a healthy dry skin, especially when it gets proper care. It is soft, silky, glowy and translucent. This skin has small, almost invisible pores, it never has problems with acne and blackheads. Such a wonder! Unfortunately, there is a downside - dry skin is often oversensitive. The reason is it doesn't produ...
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