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BLOG — makeup

How to: Making Up Time With Our Quick Makeup Guide

Elena Lezhneva 78 Comments
Beautiful healthy skin and whilst working full-time, is it possible? After all, women today juggle so many different things day to day and week to week. So how do you care for your skin and have the time to perfect your makeup regime when you have no time to do so? At KKB we put together the tricks of the trade to put all K-beauty regimes into j...
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How to choose and apply blushers: 7 excellent products for any taste

Elena Lezhneva 75 Comments
Blush is one of the most ignored makeup products, and yet it’s the simplest and the most effective way to transform your look: fake eight hours of sleep, play a drama queen or get a carefree California tan on the North Pole. We’ll tell you about different kinds of blushers and how to choose the right one.
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