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BLOG — korean skincare

Is K-Beauty Cruelty-Free?

Elena Lezhneva 88 Comments
One of the most common questions we receive is about the cruelty-free status of Korean skincare and makeup products. Let's talk about it in this article. First of all, good news! In 2018, technology is at such a level that in fact there is no need for animal tests. There are many alternative testing methods that are recognized as more accurate ...
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Korean Winter skincare tips

Elena Lezhneva 69 Comments
Cold weather, wind, heaters and sudden changes in temperature dry and dehydrate the skin. Water-based products should be applied to the skin at least half an hour before going out. The sudden drop in temperature and cooling of water in face cream will lead to microtraumas and hypothermia of the skin, as well as to its dryness and the appearance ...
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Ingredients explained: Peptides

Elena Lezhneva 64 Comments
Peptides are the new class of compounds that have recently become very popular in cosmetology. Why? Because the research (backed up by serious sources like National Institutes of Health, USA) shows that peptides can slow down, and even reverse the skin aging. Right now, peptides are considered to be the most effective anti-aging treatment. Let's...
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The Most Refined Beauty System In The World

Elena Lezhneva 65 Comments
The Korean Beauty 10-Step System is one of the most widely known beauty regimes in the world. The regime is born out of Korea’s obsession with beauty and has been refined over decades of scientific advancements. The regime is fully adaptable so you can pick and choose any number of steps to personalize your regime and to suit your day to day life!
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Skin Care Trends: Anti-Pollution Cosmetics

Elena Lezhneva 56 Comments
Living in a big city is difficult not only for us but for our skin as well. Exhaust emissions, industrial dust, combustion products - most of these particles are 20 times smaller than our pores, which means that they can easily penetrate the skin and do their dirty work there. Walking from house to office is just enough time to get a huge portio...
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