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BLOG — kbeauty

Is K-Beauty Cruelty-Free?

Elena Lezhneva 88 Comments
One of the most common questions we receive is about the cruelty-free status of Korean skincare and makeup products. Let's talk about it in this article. First of all, good news! In 2018, technology is at such a level that in fact there is no need for animal tests. There are many alternative testing methods that are recognized as more accurate ...
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Skincare for busy people

Elena Lezhneva 79 Comments
Faster, simpler, more effective - become more beautiful while listening to your favorite song or watching an episode on Netflix! We put together 11 simple tricks to care for your skin that won’t take much of your time.
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How to: Making Up Time With Our Quick Makeup Guide

Elena Lezhneva 78 Comments
Beautiful healthy skin and whilst working full-time, is it possible? After all, women today juggle so many different things day to day and week to week. So how do you care for your skin and have the time to perfect your makeup regime when you have no time to do so? At KKB we put together the tricks of the trade to put all K-beauty regimes into j...
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How to choose and apply blushers: 7 excellent products for any taste

Elena Lezhneva 75 Comments
Blush is one of the most ignored makeup products, and yet it’s the simplest and the most effective way to transform your look: fake eight hours of sleep, play a drama queen or get a carefree California tan on the North Pole. We’ll tell you about different kinds of blushers and how to choose the right one.
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Korean Winter skincare tips

Elena Lezhneva 69 Comments
Cold weather, wind, heaters and sudden changes in temperature dry and dehydrate the skin. Water-based products should be applied to the skin at least half an hour before going out. The sudden drop in temperature and cooling of water in face cream will lead to microtraumas and hypothermia of the skin, as well as to its dryness and the appearance ...
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Everyone hates... Blackheads!

Elena Lezhneva 70 Comments
Blackheads are a very common skin problem, bothering many people. Have you ever wondered what provokes the appearance of blackheads (also called comedones) and how to get rid of them? Fortunately, blackheads have been very well studied and modern cosmetology offers a great number of products to solve this problem. Comedones (acne comedonica) are...
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The Most Refined Beauty System In The World

Elena Lezhneva 65 Comments
The Korean Beauty 10-Step System is one of the most widely known beauty regimes in the world. The regime is born out of Korea’s obsession with beauty and has been refined over decades of scientific advancements. The regime is fully adaptable so you can pick and choose any number of steps to personalize your regime and to suit your day to day life!
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Sleeping with makeup - experiment you should not repeat. Ever.

Elena Lezhneva 58 Comments
A couple of years ago the British journalist Anna Pursglove participated in the very brave experiment. Anna decided to check whether cosmetic companies were lying to us, saying that cosmetics should be washed off. According to surveys, one-third of women don't remove their makeup before bed at least twice a week because they think that "nothing ...
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Skin Care Trends: Anti-Pollution Cosmetics

Elena Lezhneva 56 Comments
Living in a big city is difficult not only for us but for our skin as well. Exhaust emissions, industrial dust, combustion products - most of these particles are 20 times smaller than our pores, which means that they can easily penetrate the skin and do their dirty work there. Walking from house to office is just enough time to get a huge portio...
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Are Face Mists Necessary? How to Use Them and Why You Need One.

Elena Lezhneva
There are a lot of various products for face and body skin care. One of them is a mist. What does this odd word mean? How to use such a product? Mist is a spray that forms some kind of mist in the air when used. Nowadays mists are going viral among those who take care of their skin. There are sprays for both face and body. Why do you need a mist...
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Korean 7-Skin Method - simple makeover for dehydrated tired skin!

Elena Lezhneva
Imagine soft, elastic, radiant skin that is filled with moisture. Skin to die for, right? If you wonder how to achieve the famous Korean dewy skin, try the 7-Skin (or 7-Toner) method. It’s simple enough! Scientists, cosmetologists, and Korean beauty bloggers are constantly finding new ways to preserve the youth and beauty of the skin. One of the...
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Why is everyone obsessed with Korean skin-peeling gels, and what are they?

Elena Lezhneva 7 Comments
Pollution, ultraviolet radiation, stress, hormonal imbalance, and age-related changes often slow down the skin renewal. Sebum seizes dead cells so that they cannot be removed naturally. This leads to clogged pores, inflammations, dullness, and poor skin tightness, requiring special care and regular usage of a gentle and effective peeling. The be...
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Everything you need to know about exfoliating scrubs and deep cleansing

Elena Lezhneva
Scrubs are one of the most popular skincare products right now. Every girl has one or even several scrubs on her beauty shelves, and it’s clear why everyone likes them: scrubs make your skin smooth, silky, and sometimes they even decrease the small wrinkles – just like in TV advertising. However, are they that safe and consequence-free? Some peo...
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Face cleansing - everything you need to know: what, when and how!

Elena Lezhneva 3 Comments
Face cleansing is the most important ritual of skincare routine. The way your skin absorbs moisturizing products and the way it ages depends a lot on the way you cleanse. If you don't feel like a cleansing expert, check this blog post where we address the most common questions and doubts.
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Cleansing water - why everyone talks about it and should you get one?

Elena Lezhneva
Cleansing water has been breaking records of sales for several years, and this incredible demand forces manufacturers to puzzle over what new ingredients to add to the composition, so that the new version is even better than the previous one. So what is a cleansing water - the product that everyone talks about? Is it a miracle water that solves ...
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SPF filters: the good and the evil - are sunscreens dangerous?

Elena Lezhneva 49 Comments
Recently, there was a lot of speculation in the media about sun protection products, their quality, and ingredients. Hot discussion arose in the comments and we received a lot of emails as a result too. The topic was so exciting, we decided to seek an independent cosmetologist advice and share this useful information with you. We hope you find i...
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Korean double cleansing and cleansing oils - must have for clean skin

Elena Lezhneva 53 Comments
Proper cleansing is a crucial stage of skin care. There are a lot of different cosmetic products fulfilling this function: face milk, tonics, lotions, micellar and thermal water, as well as cleansing oils, which are now going viral. In this post, we'll talk about cleansing oils, correct application and the best cleansing oils for different skin ...
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