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BLOG — exfoliating

Ingredients explained: skin renewal - what you need to know about cosmetics with acids

Elena Lezhneva 81 Comments
A combination of words “acid” and “facial skincare” can sound very scary, especially if you remember the pieces of metal dissolving in a test tube with hydrochloric acid from chemistry lessons. However, very different acids are used in cosmetology, and FDA studies conducted over several decades have proved that the use of certain acids on the sk...
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Everything you need to know about exfoliating scrubs and deep cleansing

Elena Lezhneva
Scrubs are one of the most popular skincare products right now. Every girl has one or even several scrubs on her beauty shelves, and it’s clear why everyone likes them: scrubs make your skin smooth, silky, and sometimes they even decrease the small wrinkles – just like in TV advertising. However, are they that safe and consequence-free? Some peo...
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