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Skincare for busy people
Elena Lezhneva
Skincare for busy people

Faster, simpler, more effective - become more beautiful while listening to your favorite song or watching an episode on Netflix! We put together 11 simple tricks to care for your skin that won’t take much of your time.

  • Sheet masks will give you a more impressive result if you first apply a powerful serum on the skin: a tightly fitting mask base accelerates the penetration of the healing components of both agents into the deeper layers of the skin. They recommend laying still to get the maximum benefit from a sheet mask, but you can also wear a silicone top mask to keep the sheet closely adhered to your skin. You can now move, walk and enjoy sheet masking all at once!
  • You can quickly make a BB-cream at home. First, apply a thin layer of non-medicated moisturizing mask on a cream base, give it half a minute to absorb, and then use your favorite foundation.
  • To defeat inflammation and acne, apply pimple patch before going to bed and see it gone in the morning. The new CORSX pimple patches also allow you to put makeup on top!
  • Know-how from Chris McMillan, personal stylist of Jennifer Aniston - nutritious hair masks will work three times more beneficial if after their application you comb the hair with fingers and wrap the head with a towel heated in a microwave oven (not longer than a minute).
  • Super-trick against dry skin: daily in front of the shower massage the body with a brush with a natural bristle medium hardness. This will help very gently remove the dead cells of the skin, restore the body tone and elasticity. And then you can apply your favorite body cream or lotion on top.
  • Nothing so much helps the glow of the skin, as the impact on it from the inside, namely - a glass of warm water with juice of half a lemon 15 minutes before the first meal and - important! - After brushing your teeth. The result is visible after a week: the rashes disappear, the complexion is leveled, bruises and bags under the eyes disappear.
  • The regular micro-peeling routine carried out immediately after the cleansing of the skin, not only increases the effect of the night skin care but also works against various troubles with clogged pores like blackheads. That is - in the long term - it saves regenerating skin resources and money on salon cleansing. It is proved: the softly ground skin is much more susceptible to active ingredients of creams and other care and allows them to penetrate into the epidermis without hindrance, and therefore, to prove themselves on the best side. In addition, the regular disposal of dead cells is known to have a very beneficial effect on the complexion. You can polish the keratinized skin with the help of the chemical fruit peelings and physical scrubs.
  • A great way to combine the pleasant with the useful: cover your hands with a thick layer of moisturizing cream, put on thin cotton gloves, and then on top of these - rubber gloves and finally go to wash dishes in the very warm/hot water. This makes a perfect hand mask and warm water around the gloves makes the absorbency perfect.
  • If you add a little of highlighter to the body lotion, the skin will not only be moistened but will also begin to shine very naturally.
  • Get at least one silk pillowcase - after sleep, your hair will be less tangled, and the natural shine will be stronger.
  • Keep the eye cream in the refrigerator (if not specified otherwise on the package), then it will not only moisturize and nourish but also instantly tighten and lift the skin.

- Korean Kiwi Beauty






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