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Korean skincare for dry skin
Elena Lezhneva
Korean skincare for dry skin

One of the most beautiful skin types is a healthy dry skin, especially when it gets proper care. It is soft, silky, glowy and translucent. This skin has small, almost invisible pores, it never has problems with acne and blackheads. Such a wonder!

Unfortunately, there is a downside - dry skin is often oversensitive. The reason is it doesn't produce enough oily waxy matter called sebum. Sebum works as a natural protection from moisture loss and harsh environmental conditions like UV rays. Another potential issue of this skin type might be early wrinkles.

Many women know the feeling of a tight face when it becomes irritated and flaky. Annoying tightness is an everyday issue to deal with for many. Using skin care products that are not suitable for dry skin type can only make things worse.

Normally, skin contains 10% to 20% of water. If this number falls below 10%, skin gets brittle and easily becomes prone to cracks. There are a variety of reasons why this happens. It can be aging changes, sickness, hormonal imbalance effects or bad eating habits. Overly dry skin turns rough, loses its elasticity and healthy color. The most vulnerable areas are face, hand and foot skin. Now, what affects skin moisture level the most?

Main Causes of Dry Skin


When the air is humid enough, skin absorbs moisture from it. The opposite happens when the air is too dry. That is why skin loses its moisture in cold dry winters - cool air simply cannot hold enough water for human skin!


Skin moisture level can be decreased not only by low temperatures. Heat evaporates water from the skin surface and causes itching and cracks as well. This includes sun heat and also our own body temperature because of sweating. When the body sweats, it loses its skin moisture and dries. This is how constant stress leads to dry skin too - people sweat when they are stressed.


Soap removes dead cells and dirt but also irritates and dries skin by washing away sebum. Nowadays it is not recommended to use cleansing gels and foams containing sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). SLS is a strong cleaning agent which increases skin alkaline level. It is super-important for dry skin because even a single use of an unsuitable product can change its skin balance. Luckily, cosmetics manufacturers are now replacing SLS with better alternatives.

Skin Diseases

Skin diseases like dermatitis or eczema can reduce skin ability to hold water making it dry. These are serious conditions that require professional medical advice.

OK, there are a lot of contributing factors to skin dryness. Let's better talk about how to take care of it.

Skin cannot be soft and smooth unless it a has a certain moisture level. Since the water constantly evaporates from the skin surface, it's essential to compensate water loss by drinking at least one liter of clean water every day. Dry skin care, in a nutshell, is water replenishment and locking it as efficient as possible.

Luckily, beauty products can help dry skin a lot to overcome these issues, however, the right product dosage is crucial. Dry skin is sensitive to the lack of nutrition and also quite sensitive to overuse of cosmetics and frequent changes in products used. Well structured and easy to follow routine is the best solution for the dry skin.

Dry Skin Cleansing

Nature Republic Hawaiian Deep Sea AHA Cleansing Lotion

It is recommended to use a rich cleansing cream or lotion for the cleansing of the dry skin. This product could be removed by a tissue or washed off with water. However, even the most delicate washing takes away the necessary natural protective layer from the dry skin. Therefore, cleansing products ideally should be used only in the evening. In the morning, it's enough to refresh your face with warm water.

Dry Skin Moisturizing

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Facial Toner

Moisturizing toners and mists are the biggest friends of the dry skin. They revitalize and refresh the skin. Choose a toner for dry skin, enriched with plant extracts and moisturizers. These are components that can restore the balance of the skin.

Dry Skin Nutrition

COSRX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask

Emulsions and creams for dry skin should contain a sufficient portion of fats and oils. Creams usually have a more concentrated composition, and they should be applied to the skin after the emulsion.

10-step Korean skincare is perfect for dry skin and can serve as the basis for the constant daily care. Skin peelings are possible, but not regularly, and only on the basis of skin condition, when there are no flaky skin areas, irritation, redness. Otherwise, all of these symptoms will only worsen after a peeling. In winter, pilings are taboo for the dry skin. Peelings don't save the skin from flakiness - they remove the upper layer of the skin, which is thin and requires restoration in the dry skin!

A healthy alternative and a very useful procedure is cleansing with a cognac sponge, which could be used for face washing without the need for a cleansing soap. This sponge will ensure a delicate release of dry skin from dead cells and a mild massage effect.

Good ingredients for the dry skin in skincare products

  • allantoin
  • panthenol
  • amino acids (for example, silk - remarkably moisturizes the skin and its molecules are so small that they can penetrate the epidermis)
  • fatty acids (gamma-linolenic, stearic, for example)
  • oils (jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, wheat germ oil, for example)
  • extract of royal jelly
  • aloe vera
  • vitamins (vitamin E, niacinamide (one of the B group vitamins), vitamin C)
  • plant extracts (chamomile, avocado, for example)

Other common ingredients of skincare for dry skin are lanolin and mineral oil, which are not only absolutely harmless for the dry skin, but also prevent its drying.

To buy or not to buy cosmetics containing mineral oil is a matter of taste, but it is better to rely on the needs of your own skin in choosing ingredients and products.

Extra care for the dry skin

Etude House Honey Cera Eye Pack Cream

Eye Cream is a recommended product if the first wrinkles have appeared. Eye creams can be in a traditional cream format or be shaped in a stick. In a warm period, light gel patches are ideal for every day - they soften and moisten the delicate skin of the face, melting under your body temperature.

Anskin Modeling Mask

Masks for dry skin typically look like a thick face cream. These masks make the dry skin smooth again, remove redness and irritation. Creamy moisturizing masks can be applied in thick layers. They help the flaky skin to recover quickly and become elastic again. We strongly insist on using the Alginate masks for the dry skin. They have amazing restorative, nutritional and moisturizing properties.

Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Oil

Oils are very useful to have in regular care for the dry skin. They soothe, nourish and soften the skin.

There is no need to repeat that what we eat is the key factor that influences the condition of our skin. And if your nutrition is not perfect, take natural (!) supplements that allow your skin to maintain a normal state.

  • essential fatty acids,
  • vitamin E (fish oil, olive oil, linseed oil - sources),
  • beta-carotene (sea buckthorn oil, for example),
  • zinc (whole grains, brewer's yeast),
  • vitamin C - in all fresh vegetables and fruits, especially cranberries and summer berries (strawberries, currants).

Useful products are more than just food - it's health and beauty for the skin and the whole body.

- Korean Kiwi Beauty












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