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+100 Strength: How boosters can make your daily skin care more efficient

Elena Lezhneva 1593 Comments
Have you heard about the new skincare trend that appeared last year? The concept of boosters was quickly adopted by many Western and Korean brands. And even the skeptics agreed that these products are much more than just a marketing trick. If you are new to boosters, have a quick read and we'll tell you what they are and how to use them.
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July Beauty Calendar

Elena Lezhneva 107 Comments
New month = new skin? Sounds like a plan! Join us in regular skincare routine with this Beauty Calendar for July. Don't forget to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin in the morning and in the evening. In addition to that, use face masks and skin exfoliators several times a week according to the plan. Pink circle - sheet mask (1-2 times a week...
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Is K-Beauty Cruelty-Free?

Elena Lezhneva 109 Comments
One of the most common questions we receive is about the cruelty-free status of Korean skincare and makeup products. Let's talk about it in this article. First of all, good news! In 2018, technology is at such a level that in fact there is no need for animal tests. There are many alternative testing methods that are recognized as more accurate ...
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5 scientific beauty tips from the author of Lab Muffin

Elena Lezhneva 99 Comments
The Australian chemistry teacher Michelle Wong is well-known as the author of the science blog about cosmetics, Lab Muffin, and she also has a very useful YouTube channel - Lab Muffin Beauty Science. Michelle Wong likes to talk about the effects of cosmetics with the help of her education and work experience. In the Instagram, she has adopted a ...
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How stress affects the skin and can cosmetics help?

Elena Lezhneva 95 Comments
Have you ever heard about "skin immunity"? It's a complex system that maintains a certain balance of acidity, skin oiliness and microbiome - a community of good bacteria. For example, when your skin is threatened by infections or fungus, the body sends out lymphocytes, macrophages and other components of the immune system to eliminate the bad guys.
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Japanese deep moisturizing: the Lotion Mask method

Elena Lezhneva 81 Comments
Today we want to share with you a surprisingly simple and incredibly effective procedure for deep skin hydration that might change your skin life. We are talking about the Japanese method of "Lotion Mask", invented by the famous beautician and beauty guru, Chizu Saeki (who is 74!). Her book "The Japanese Skincare Revolution: How to Have the Most...
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Korean skincare for dry skin

Elena Lezhneva 76 Comments
One of the most beautiful skin types is a healthy dry skin, especially when it gets proper care. It is soft, silky, glowy and translucent. This skin has small, almost invisible pores, it never has problems with acne and blackheads. Such a wonder! Unfortunately, there is a downside - dry skin is often oversensitive. The reason is it doesn't produ...
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Ingredients explained: skin renewal - what you need to know about cosmetics with acids

Elena Lezhneva 81 Comments
A combination of words “acid” and “facial skincare” can sound very scary, especially if you remember the pieces of metal dissolving in a test tube with hydrochloric acid from chemistry lessons. However, very different acids are used in cosmetology, and FDA studies conducted over several decades have proved that the use of certain acids on the sk...
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Skincare for busy people

Elena Lezhneva 79 Comments
Faster, simpler, more effective - become more beautiful while listening to your favorite song or watching an episode on Netflix! We put together 11 simple tricks to care for your skin that won’t take much of your time.
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Do it right: how to combine retinoids, acids, peptides, and other skincare ingredients. Simple rules for dealing with serious formulas

Elena Lezhneva 144 Comments
Retinoids, Vitamin C, and other powerful skincare ingredients can now be found not only at the cosmetologists’ and in expensive professional product lines but also in affordable and easy to access products. However, no all highly effective formulas are harmless. In order not to injure the skin, it's worthwhile to introduce these ingredients into...
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How to treat skin to death: popular skincare myths that are dangerous for you.

Elena Lezhneva 75 Comments
There's lots of incorrect information about skincare, as well as harmful advice and dangerous delusions online. Let's look at the most common ones and find out why it's no good to prolong the life of expired cosmetics and tolerate unpleasant burning feeling from a moisturizing toner. Skincare lifehacks travel from mouth to mouth, but they are n...
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How to: Making Up Time With Our Quick Makeup Guide

Elena Lezhneva 78 Comments
Beautiful healthy skin and whilst working full-time, is it possible? After all, women today juggle so many different things day to day and week to week. So how do you care for your skin and have the time to perfect your makeup regime when you have no time to do so? At KKB we put together the tricks of the trade to put all K-beauty regimes into j...
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How to choose and apply blushers: 7 excellent products for any taste

Elena Lezhneva 75 Comments
Blush is one of the most ignored makeup products, and yet it’s the simplest and the most effective way to transform your look: fake eight hours of sleep, play a drama queen or get a carefree California tan on the North Pole. We’ll tell you about different kinds of blushers and how to choose the right one.
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Introduce your mom to Korean Skincare

Elena Lezhneva 74 Comments
Even if your mom never worried about skincare at younger years, after reaching a certain age, she will likely to begin looking for a remedy that can help to preserve youth and slow the process of aging. Fortunately, the modern cosmetic industry has developed tremendously, and real results can be achieved by the means of skincare. In order to fin...
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Korean Winter skincare tips

Elena Lezhneva 69 Comments
Cold weather, wind, heaters and sudden changes in temperature dry and dehydrate the skin. Water-based products should be applied to the skin at least half an hour before going out. The sudden drop in temperature and cooling of water in face cream will lead to microtraumas and hypothermia of the skin, as well as to its dryness and the appearance ...
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Ingredients explained: Peptides

Elena Lezhneva 64 Comments
Peptides are the new class of compounds that have recently become very popular in cosmetology. Why? Because the research (backed up by serious sources like National Institutes of Health, USA) shows that peptides can slow down, and even reverse the skin aging. Right now, peptides are considered to be the most effective anti-aging treatment. Let's...
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Everyone hates... Blackheads!

Elena Lezhneva 70 Comments
Blackheads are a very common skin problem, bothering many people. Have you ever wondered what provokes the appearance of blackheads (also called comedones) and how to get rid of them? Fortunately, blackheads have been very well studied and modern cosmetology offers a great number of products to solve this problem. Comedones (acne comedonica) are...
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The Most Refined Beauty System In The World

Elena Lezhneva 65 Comments
The Korean Beauty 10-Step System is one of the most widely known beauty regimes in the world. The regime is born out of Korea’s obsession with beauty and has been refined over decades of scientific advancements. The regime is fully adaptable so you can pick and choose any number of steps to personalize your regime and to suit your day to day life!
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Ingredients explained: Hyaluronic acid

Elena Lezhneva 62 Comments
Everyone who has even the smallest interest in skincare and cosmetology knows the popular ingredient called hyaluronic acid. Let's find out why hyaluronic acid is one of the main ingredients in modern cosmetology. Why is it called the No. 1 ingredient?
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Sleeping with makeup - experiment you should not repeat. Ever.

Elena Lezhneva 58 Comments
A couple of years ago the British journalist Anna Pursglove participated in the very brave experiment. Anna decided to check whether cosmetic companies were lying to us, saying that cosmetics should be washed off. According to surveys, one-third of women don't remove their makeup before bed at least twice a week because they think that "nothing ...
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