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The soul of Korean skin-care routine: sheet masks

Elena Lezhneva
K-beauty newbies often start their journey with BB creams and sheet masks. Sheet (or fabric) masks are among the most popular and sought-after products produced by Koreans. However, they can raise many questions: what are the benefits, how often to use them and what are the best masks? In this post we will try to answer all of the questions you...
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Korean skincare for oily skin

Elena Lezhneva 1 Comment
It’s hard to find two people with exactly the same skin. Have you ever bought a product highly recommended by a few friends and couldn’t find a single good thing about it? That’s right, your skin is uniquely yours, and just to make it harder, it also gets dramatically effected by environmental conditions, stress, and diet. Here comes the good ne...
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Why Korean cosmetics?

Elena Lezhneva
Tags: K beauty
Have you ever noticed how many Asian women (even the elder ladies) have healthy, blemish and pigmentation free skin? It’s not unusual in Korea to mistake a mother and a daughter walking together as age-mates and sisters. Have you ever wondered what the secrets of their beauty and everlasting youth are? Is it their genetics, or do they observe a ...
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